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Linton Ivicevich

Linton Ivicevich
Having grown up most of his life on the family vineyard in Auckland it was not surprising to see Anthony and Sue’s son, Linton, forge his own special bond with the land.  From an early age he could be found following in his father’s footsteps, tending to the vines and working around the winery.  Today Linton works with the winemaking team, constantly looking for ways to improve the quality of the grapes they produce on their family estate at Waimauku, in West Auckland.  For Linton, the fascination has always been what can be achieved with the land.  “The climate and soils go so far, but it is also what you do in the vineyard, how you treat and care for the vine, that makes the difference between good wine and outstanding wine.”  Linton is both a pragmatist and an idealist.  He is constantly balancing his desire to experiment with new practices with his great respect for the traditional ways of his forefathers.  “There seems little point in continuing in a family business if one does not learn from the past whilst constantly seeking to improve the future.”  Increasingly Linton is assuming more responsibility for other aspects of the winery’s business including marketing and sales, however his heart lies with the land and from time to time he can be found toiling in the vineyard rather than ‘parked behind a desk’ in the office.

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