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Prawn, Dill and Caper Risotto with Pan-fried Kingfish

ViVace Restaurant & Bar -  Prawn, Dill and Caper Risotto with Pan-fried Kingfish and West Brook Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc


4 nice pieces of Kingfish or Hapuka
1 1/2 Cups Arborio Rice
2 Tbsp. Olive Oil
2 Tbsp. diced Onion
1 Tsp. crushed garlic
100ml white wine (Sauvignon Blanc)
1-2L of Fish stock
150g Prawn Meat
3 Tbsp. Baby Capers
1 Tbsp. Lemon Juice
2 Tbsp. Mascarpone
2 Tbsp. Dill, chopped
Salt an Pepper to taste
Lemon wedges to garnish

Put stock on to heat in a small pan

In another small pan heat up olive oil, saute onions and garlic until onion is clear coloured.

Add the Arborio rice and stir until rice is hot to the touch. (try not to brown the risotto)

Deglaze the pot with the white wine.

Slowly add stock, 200mL at a time, stirring constantly.  When rice has absorbed stock, add more until rice is firm to the bite but not soft.
(You will not need all of the stock at this time, save for the next step)

Next add the prawns,capers and a little more stock, stir until prawns are cooked and risotto is a little softer.

Add seasoning, lemon juice, dill and stir, finally finishing with mascarpone. Risotto should be nice and creamy and not stiff.

In a hot pan sear the fish on both sides until golden brown with a sprinkle of salt.

Plate a large spoon of Risotto with the fish on top and a lemon wedge to garnish.

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