Events Easter at Westbrook 2020

Easter at Westbrook 2020

Our Annual Easter Vintage Party with Treasure Hunt, Photo Competition, Food Trucks and more has had to be CANCELLED.

The Treasure Hunt has always been one of the most fun parts of our Easter Vintage Party. Last year due to popular demand we added an Adults' Treasure Hunt and there was almost as many adults searching for clues as there were kids. It was so wonderful to see so many people out enjoying our Ararimu Valley Vineyard.

Sadly this year it was not to be but we are already making plans to have a Treasure Hunt on another day. Until then here is one than we made up that you can do at home this Easter Weekend. Maybe as a way for kids and big kids to find their Easter Eggs.

Westbrook DIY Treasure Hunt 2020

We suggest you view this DIY Treasure Hunt on your phone and read out the clues to the kids (and big kids) and see if they can find their way to the answer. It would be fun to hide something at the answer such as an Easter Treat. Feel free to make up you own clues too. We'll leave it up to you. Stay safe, have fun, and be positive.

1. On me you can speed like a bird in the sky.
My two wheels will make you fly!

Answer: Bicycle:

2. For fine feathered friends, I'm quite a treat.
A spot to raise babies just can't be beat.

Answer: Bird house:

3. I'm a friend to parents who like things neat.
They really like it when you wipe your feet.

Answer: Doormat:

4. I'm sort of like sneakers, but for a car.
I help it run fast and far.

Answer: Tires on a car:

5. I'm like a small house, but no one lives in me.
Tools and equipment are all you will see.

Answer: Tool shed:

6. Once upon a time I used to hold wine.

But now I hold the clue to your next rhyme.

Answer: Wine Bottle

7. Climbing me can be quite a lark.
I'm not a dog, but I do have a bark.

Answer: Tree

8. I make music for you when you're out in the yard.
I make the most music when the wind blows hard.

Answer: Wine Chime

9. Use me to give thirsty plants a drink.
Or use me to clean your car, fast as a wink.

Answer: Garden Hose

10. I make lots of smoke when I get hot.
I make yummy food that you'll like a lot.

Answer: BBQ/Grill/Oven