5 Star Marlborough Riesling 2018

Wine 5 Star Marlborough Riesling 2018

5 Star Marlborough Riesling 2018


Temptress Riesling…pampered fruit, gilded in aromas of tangerine, ginger, elder and honeysuckleflorals. An off-dry, yet unctuous palate of preserved lemon and fulsomely ripe summer stone-fruits is steeled with lacy acidity. A ménage of citrus oils pervades all – a delectable stolen moment indeed…

5 Stars Wine Orbit - 5 Stars Raymond Chan

This luscious Off-Dry Style is one of the best wines to match with food. It goes with almost everything! It is especially delicious served with a variety of seafoods and salads where its citrus flavours shine through and complement.

If seafood's not your thing then our Riesling can handle much stronger flavoured meals like curries and spicy dishes due to its sweet and sour flavours which naturally help balance the heat in these dishes and leave your palate refreshed and ready for the next mouthful.

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