Cellared Riesling 6-Pack

Wine Cellared Riesling 6-Pack

Cellared Riesling 6-Pack

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We are giving you Riesling to live with this Cellared 6 pack

Most wines will benefit from hanging out in the cellar for two- to three years before being consumed – some, like these two beauties, get even better with five+ years. We have been holding onto a Riesling stash but now it’s time to drink up. Cheers!

Westbrook Marlborough Riesling 2013

A refined and elegant amalgam of sweetly scented florals, apple skin and lime. Reflecting similarly on the palate, entwined in a tryst with elements of stone and citrus, evoking the fluid movement of a fine linen- crisp and textured. Classic Marlborough Riesling in a beckoning off-dry style.

5 Stars Raymond Chan - ANZWA Pure Silver - 5 Stars Wine Orbit

West Brook Marlborough Riesling 2014

With lustrous verve and driven vigour. A perfumed décolletage, graced with lime, line and tempt. Elements of the aesthetic, strong femininity and verdant florality - the combination of which leaves the palate sated yet still yearning. Rarely emulated Marlborough. Riesling, a vintage like none other.

92/100 Bob Campbell - NZIWS Silver – 5 Stars Wine Orbit

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