MOI Filigree Red FIELD BLEND 2017

MOI Apprentice Wine MOI Filigree Red FIELD BLEND 2017

MOI Filigree Red FIELD BLEND 2017


Westbrook is helping out a friend, Renée Dale of MOI Wines, who also happens to be the Westbrook Assistant Winemaker.

Due to the COVID-19 crisis Renée has been unable to sell her wines through her usual supplier so we are stepping in to help out by listing her MOI Wines on our website.

We are so thankful that Westbrook has been classed as an essential business so our wine-making and vineyard team can get on with crafting our beautiful wines from the 2020 vintage. All of MOI wines are made at Westbrook and there is stock on hand at the winery that can be shipped out following the strict new COVID-19 protocols. Please be sure to say where your wine can be left to help ensure contactless delivery.

Moi Filigree Red FIELD BLEND 2017

As was the case across much of New Zealand it was a challenging vintage but these grapes remained faithful to the cause in the face of a dry vintage followed by relentless rains falling right at harvest time.

Due to high disease pressure only the best grapes were selected for red wine and this resulted in a field blend.

This field blend of West Auckland Syrah and Merlot, was harvested and crushed together in to one tiny little fermenter. A soupçon of Cabernet Sauvignon and Malbec provides some tannin structure to this aromatic red wine. Hand picked, hand plunged, hand labelled - this wine is woven together with boysenberries, cherry and black doris plums.

This wine's gentle exposure to oak and fine latticed tannins emphasises the fruit and clay soil it hails from.

The ornate texture shows this wine was lovingly made with a feminine touch and duly named "Filigree".

Filigree; (noun) ornamental work of fine (typically gold or silver) wire formed into delicate tracery. (From Latin filum ‘thread’ + granum ‘seed’).

A friend and mentor once said: "wine, like life, is about texture" which in turn influenced my winemaking ever since.

The wines I make are focussed on fine delicate texture, not unlike fine filigree jewellery. The bottles are mostly nude in order to let the wine shine through in it's own glory. The phonetic spelling of the word is used as the branding because it is aesthetically pleasing but mostly because the word "Filigree" rolls off the tongue in a somewhat liquid and satisfying way.

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