MOI Rosé 2018

Wine MOI Rosé 2018

MOI Rosé 2018


Westbrook is helping out a friend, Renée Dale of MOI Wines, who also happens to be the Westbrook Assistant Winemaker. Due to the COVID-19 crisis Renée has been unable to sell her wines through her usual supplier so we are stepping in to help out by listing her MOI Wines on our website.

We are so thankful that Westbrook has been classed as an essential business so our wine-making and vineyard team can get on with crafting our beautiful wines from the 2020 vintage. All of MOI wines are made at Westbrook and there is stock on hand at the winery that can be shipped out following the strict new COVID-19 protocols. Please be sure to say where your wine can be left to help ensure contactless delivery.

Moi Rosé 2018

Cabernet Sauvignon 34% / Merlot 26% / Cabernet Franc 26% / Syrah 14

Moi Wine’s fourth vintage of Rosé was once again a culmination of efforts from both steadfast grape-growers and un-relinquishing winemaking. As was the case across much of New Zealand, it was a challenging vintage but these grapes remained faithful to the cause in the face of a dry growing season followed by relentless rains falling right at harvest time.

The growing season from start to finish was one of high heat and high humidity. We survived the onslaught, harvested early in the morning whilst there was a window of sunshine early in the morning of Tuesday 27th March.

The fruit medley of grape varieties gives this Rosé an abundant aromatic depth. With four separate ferments of Cabernet Sauvignon/Merlot tank and barrel, Cabernet Franc tank and Syrah tank finally blended together to all render this wine with a light blush colour and presence. One is enticed into an aroma of crisp apple skin, strawberries and red berry fruits. The Syrah gives a deep musk character, along with a playful wild berry note; Cabernet Franc lends itself into a fragrant florality; the Cabernet Sauvignon/Merlot component balances with crisp acid and lacy phenolics of poise and grace. 15% of this wine was fermented in well-seasoned barrels, with the intention of creating a textural wine, whilst also retaining aromatic and vibrant fruit aromas.

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